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Teachers College and School, Gleno

NAROMAN ESPERANSA is a school which is part of the environment, culture and values of Timor-Leste, run by the Servants of the Holy Eucharist and of the Mother of God, as well as by the Missionary Daughters of the Holy Family of Nazareth.

Its mission is to provide children and young people with a comprehensive education based on a Christian understanding of the person, as well as to appropriately train teachers so that pupils can develop abilities which allow them to imagine and solve the problems arising in today’s world.

In 2025, Naroman Esperansa will be recognised as a University College which trains teachers by means of experiential learning, which is put into practice in Pre-school, as well as in Primary and High School, providing pupils with a student centered education.

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Teachers College and School

Student centered educational model

An innovative school in Timor-Leste

A student centered education

The Teacher Training College and the children’s school will be centred on an education model which focuses on pupils with:

1. A curriculum for the 21st century (interdisciplinary, contextualised, global), with active teaching methodologies (which use technology as a tool) and authentic assessment, which is another way of learning,

2. New teacher and pupil roles: teachers are designers of learning experiences and coaches, while pupils are creators with much more independence when they are designing their learning plan.

3. A type of organisation which is centered on pupils, with respect to time, groups (not only pupils, but also teachers who teach in teams), sessions and combining subjects to allow for an interdisciplinary education.

4. Learning spaces: the physical classroom is very flexible, but the digital classroom is also equipped in order to allow pupils to learn any time, no matter where they are.

In the Teacher Training College, teachers will be able to experience the same type of learning that they will design for their future pupils.

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Teachers College and Schoool, Gleno

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